The Scottish Recovery Indicator        (SRI 2) is a service development tool that can be used by anyone interested in developing recovery focused services. SRI 2 was developed by the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) to provide services with a practical tool to review, develop and improve how they supporting recovery.

How Recovery focused are we ?  Learn more about the experience of almost 400 services that have completed an SRI 2.

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Why should you complete an SRI 2 ?

Completing an SRI 2 provides services with an opportunity to reflect on how they support recovery through a structured and evidence based process.

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How does SRI 2 work ?

SRI 2 provides a structured framework for reviewing and evaluating how services are performing against 10 recovery indicators.

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Who is SRI 2 for ?

Anyone interested in recovery orientated practice and service improvement would benefit from the experience of completing an SRI 2.

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Audit tools usually identify deficits and do not recognise good practice, but the SRI is different, I’ve never felt more valued or motivated in my entire nursing career.

It provided valuable insights into the service, user opinions and what adds value for them in relation to service provision.