SRN has made a number of improvements to the SRI 2 website and given it a fresh new look.  But don’t worry the structure of the SRI 2 tool is still the same and all of your existing data has been transferred to the new site.  The changes that have been made to the website have been designed to make it easier to navigate around the site.  The new site also includes some new functions in response to feedback we have received from existing users of the SRI 2 website. 

You can download a copy of the User guidance for the new, improved SRI 2 website here.

The main changes that have been made to the website are as follows:

Home Page

The Home page has been redesigned to give it a fresh new look.   The new Home page includes links to three feature articles that describe the benefits of using SRI 2 and an outline of how SRI 2 works.

There is a new Main Menu with direct links to pages containing further information about SRI 2:

Completing Your SRI 2

This section of the new website provides a general overview of the SRI 2 process including guidance on how to gather the evidence required. 


This section of the new website will contain all the latest news about SRI2 including any updates and case studies from services that have used SRI 2 to help increase their focus on recovery. 


This is where you can download all the resources you will need to complete your SRI 2 including guidance, data collection sheets and publicity materials for providing information about SRI 2 to staff,       people using services and informal carers. 

Contact Us

On this page you can find out how to contact SRN If you have any questions about SRI 2 or would like to order some of our publications.


Sign In and Sign Up

The new website includes a simplified process for creating a new account to use the SRI 2 website and signing in to an existing account.

If you haven’t already set up an SRI 2 account, selecting the Sign Up button will allow you to set up a new account by completing a short registration form.  Once you have done this you will be able to sign into the website and start the process of completing your SRI2.

If you have already set up an SRI 2 account, selecting the Sign In button will log you into the site and allow you to view the details of your SRI 2 account by selecting the My SRI 2 tab on the main menu. This will take you to the main dashboard where you can select the SRI 2 account that you want to view. 

There is a new facility on the website which you can select if you want the site to remember you.  If you select this option you will be logged into your SRI 2 account automatically every time you visit the website without having to re-enter your User name and Password.


Main Dashboard

The Main Dashboard section of the website will help you keep track of your SRI 2 activity.   The page allows you to set up a new SRI, access your existing SRI’s, edit the details of your existing SRI 2 accounts.


Data Collection Dashboard

The Data Collection Dashboard is the main control centre for you to use when collecting and entering the evidence required to complete your SRI 2.  The dashboard allows you to enter, edit and print copies of the evidence you have gathered for each of the six main data sources that need to be completed as part of the SRI 2 process.

Clicking on the New button under any of the six data collection columns will allow you to open up a new data collection sheet for recording your evidence. You can either complete this online or print off a hard copy to be completed manually and used to enter the evidence into the online system at a later date.

A new View/Edit button allows you to review data you have already entered into the system and if required edit the scores or commentary about supporting evidence on line.

You can now view or print of guidance relating to each of the six data sources used to provide evidence as part of the SRI 2 process direct from the dashboard by clicking on the appropriate Guidance button.


Data Collection Forms

The new format for the Data Collection forms allows users to enter scores AND any supporting comments/evidence about individual sources of evidence directly online.  You can also print copies of the data collection forms to be completed offline with the information being entered into the online system at a later stage.

The new Data Collection forms include a space for you to record any supporting evidence or comments that support the score you have entered for each of the statements.   You do not need to enter any information in any of these boxes but you may find it useful to refer back to when you come to develop your Action Plan.


Action Plans

When you have completed the data collection for all six of the Data Sources and checked all of the Completed buttons, you will be able to view the Action Planning dashboard where you can:

  • Access the Guidance on completing the Action Planning stage of the SRI 2 process.
  • View/Print the Scores you have entered for all of the data you have reviewed as part of the SRI 2 process.
  • Open the Action Plan template by selecting the Create Action Plan option.
  • View and print a copy of your Completed Action Plan.

The new Action Plan Template has two main parts:

In the first part of the template you are asked to enter a short description of the main Strengths that you have identified by reflecting on the evidence you have reviewed as part of the SRI 2 process.   You are then asked to describe the key areas that you have identified where Improvements could be made to make your service more recovery focused.  The second part of the template asks you to enter the specific Actions you will take to build upon the Strengths you have identified and make Improvements in the areas you have recognised could be improved to support recovery.

For each Action you are asked to describe the Area for Improvement, the specific Action you are proposing to take as well as Who will be responsible for the Action and When you would expect it to completed.  You can enter as many Actions as you want by selecting the Add Action button to enter each new Action.

Once you have entered all of the Actions you want to include in the Action Plan you need to Save and Submit the plan. You will then be able to view the final version of the Action Plan by selecting the Completed Action Plan button in the Action Planning dashboard.

The new format for the completed Action Plan brings together information about:

  • The average scores for each of the six Data Sources and ten Recovery Indicators.
  • The strengths you have identified and how you think you can build on these strengths.
  • The areas where you think you could improve the recovery focus of the service.
  • Specific actions you intend to take to make your service more focused on recovery.

Download a copy of the User Guidance for the new SRI 2 website here